Networking is for Lovers

Think networking is a strange invention of our modern world? Think again! 

New research indicates that humans have been networking for over 34,000. Hunter-gatherers in the Stone Age made social connections with groups outside of their immediate family in order to avoid inbreeding. 

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It makes sense that humans developed this social behavior in order to facilitate mate selection. At a primal level, what is more important to us than furthering our species? 

As a communication consultant, I talk to many people who dislike networking or find that it feels fake. And I definitely sympathize with these feelings. But personally, love networking because, when it works best, it is a way for people to connect and help each other. Help each other learn. Help each other meet new people. Help each other grow. 

The idea that networking may have started as a way to build our species is inspiring to me. (That's the kind of dork that I am!) Maybe it will help you love networking, too!