Give yourself permission to end a bad conversation

What is a bad conversation?

In the world of networking, it can be one with the person who tells long, self-interested stories, or with someone who is collecting business cards and doesn’t seem to genuinely care about anything you are saying. You don’t have to stay in long conversation with these people.

In fact, you shouldn’t talk to these people any longer than is necessary to be polite.

These conversations are draining. Depleting your energy on these conversations hurts your ability to network with more thoughtful, engaging, and interesting people.

This advice is especially true for introverts who can have less social endurance than extroverts.

Many introverts describe themselves as having a battery for social activity. Once that battery is drained, they have a difficult time socializing. The only thing that recharges the battery is quiet alone time. If someone is particularly draining your battery for whatever reason, you owe it to yourself to end that conversation.

Don't let your social battery drain faster than it has to.

Don't let your social battery drain faster than it has to.

So how do you politely end these conversations?

Needing to refill your drink or run to the restroom are always easy reasons to walk away. Or you can say, “It has been lovely to meet you. I want to make sure I connect with some other people I know before I leave.” It’s that simple.