Networking emails

Earlier this week, one of my clients asked me for tips on writing networking emails after meeting contacts face-to-face. I wrote this template email to help guide my client in writing their own emails. I thought the template might be useful to others, so I wanted to post it here. I have posted notes behind brackets, in bold text, explaining the reasoning behind my writing. 

Hello Ms. Smith. 
How are you? It was a pleasure to meet you at the Great Business Leaders Conference last week. [Remind recipient how you know them.] I have always admired your work with new technologies in business analytics, and it was great to talk to you in person. [Give a specific and genuine compliment.] As I mentioned when we spoke, I work in strategy at company ABC and am interested in transitioning into analytics. [Who are you? Why are you writing?] I would love to buy you coffee and chat some more if you have the time. Perhaps later this month? [What do you want, specifically? Internship ... job shadow ... coffee?] Again, it was great to finally put a face to the name I have heard so much about. [Do not make the email long. People have short attention spans and business leaders receive lots of email.] Thank you for your time, and have a great week. [Thank recipient and end with no pressure.]
Joan Johnson
[If this is an important contact, follow up at least twice a year to maintain the contact.]

When you follow up, it is great to include a personal detail about your contact. Try to remember something about their hobbies, interests, family, or where they grew up. One of the great things about having an email trail of your conversation is that you can search your conversation history to remind yourself of what you and a contact previously discussed. Keep future contacts light and low pressure. Simply write every six months or so to stay on their radar.