Who is Jessica? 

Jessica is a storyteller. Whether writing copy that clearly articulates a client’s vision for their brand, editing a website into the simplest language possible, or teaching public speaking strategies at a local university, creating and sharing compelling language with others is her passions.  

Here are just some of the pain points she can help you address:

  • What does your company/product do and how do you communicate that to customers?

  • Who are your target customers?

  • What makes you unique from your biggest competitors?

  • How can established research on human behavior help motivate interest in your product?

  • And let’s not forget … are your materials grammatically correct and consistent in the way they are punctuated?

To contact Jessica about freelance work, email:  Jessica.knapp@gmail.com.



Jessica holds a PhD in interpersonal communication from the University of Texas at Austin. This training gives her unique insight into what motivates general human behavior, especially as it applies to communication.